Operations and Infrastructure

Operations and Infrastructure

As a large, research-intensive university, with considerable land, assets and utilities, we are in the unique position to use our campuses as test beds for sustainability.

Energy and Emissions

UBC delivered its most significant climate-change achievement to date, reducing Vancouver campus greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 34 per cent relative to 2007 levels and exceeding our Climate Action Plan reduction target of 33 per cent despite a 19 per cent growth in building floor space and a 26 per cent increase in student population.

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% Reduction in Absolute GHG Emissions since 2007

% of UBC’S total energy consumption is from clean and renewable sources

Campus Engagement

Our signature engagement programs enable students, staff, faculty and residents to positively contribute to UBC’s sustainability goals, exemplify sustainable practices and behaviours on campus, and help achieve UBC’s ambitious sustainability plans.

Sustainability Coordinators in Offices and Labs


Approximately three billion litres of potable water are consumed at UBC a year – enough to fill 1,200 Olympic-sized swimming pools – for building operations, research, residential and irrigation purposes. Despite continued campus growth, we have steadily decreased water consumption through infrastructure improvements and improving water efficiency in existing and new buildings.

% Reduction in Absolute Water Use since 2000

% Reduction in Water Use Intensity per cubic meter since 2000

Waste Management

UBC continues to implement the comprehensive Zero Waste Action Plan which includes targets to divert waste from the landfill and reduce waste generation.

% Waste Diversion Rate

% increase in operational waste disposed of since 2010

Green Buildings

With nearly 400 institutional and residential buildings on campus, we currently operate the largest portfolio of green buildings at a Canadian university and are working to improve green building design and performance to promote regenerative development.

Green Building Projects

LEED Projects