As the province’s largest university, UBC is a regional destination for students, staff, faculty, alumni and citizens from communities across the region. UBC is focused on reducing automobile trips to and from campus by adding new infrastructure and making improvements to existing infrastructure that encourages our campus community to choose more sustainable travel modes.


  • Continued to encourage the use of non-single occupancy vehicle modes of travel through a range of programs, including a comprehensive transportation demand management strategy that includes transit discount programs, carpooling, car sharing, cycling, on-campus shuttles, and other sustainable transportation initiatives.
  • Transit use has increased nearly 300% since 1997.
  • New interim transit exchange opened at UBC in early 2017 for passengers arriving at the Point Grey campus. The fully built bus exchange will open in January 2019.
  • Continued to work with key partners on the future planning for a rapid transit connection along the Broadway corridor to UBC.
  • New multi-use pathway connection completed at the Okanagan campus that connects the campus to southeast Kelowna.

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