Our goal is to create a model of a vibrant, complete, sustainable community at an urban neighbourhood scale, where people can live, work and learn together.

Diverse housing options, sustainable transportation choices, and community programs aim to enhance social and environmental wellbeing.

Community Development

Over 20,000 students, faculty, staff and residents call the UBC Point Grey Campus home. A wealth of dynamic community programs and activities designed to leverage campus landscapes, public spaces and cultural and athletic assets help to foster our community’s health, happiness and wellbeing.

Community Grants Funded

children participated in the Beaty Biodiversity UTOWN@UBC Nature Club

Housing and Amenities

We are committed to increasing housing choice and growing campus amenities, driven by UBC’s vision to be a world-class community of scholars with beautiful, functional, and sustainable campuses.

Childcare Spaces

Total Student Beds


UBC is focused on reducing automobile trips to and from campus by adding new infrastructure or making improvements to existing infrastructure that encourages our campus community to choose more sustainable travel modes.

% of Trips to Campus Use Sustainable Mode of Transport

Increase in Transit Trips since 1997