CBIRD: A First-Of-Its-Kind Biodiversity Initiative

CBIRD: A First-Of-Its-Kind Biodiversity Initiative

The Campus Biodiversity Initiative: Research and Demonstration (CBIRD) is the first campus-wide initiative of its kind at a Canadian university.

A SEEDS initiative, CBIRD connects academics, practitioners and community partners through applied research to support the development of biodiversity strategies and actions at UBC.

In 2017, CBIRD developed a strategic framework and formalized new partnerships with 17 UBC faculties, departments and operational units. Since launching, CBIRD partners have contributed to the development of emerging sustainability plans and strategies at UBC including the Green Building Action Plan, Urban Forest Management Plan, Wellbeing Strategy, and policies such as the Bird Friendly Design Guidelines for Buildings.

The initiative also engaged hundreds of UBC students, faculty, staff and the wider community to create a platform for biodiversity enhancement, conservation and stewardship. In February, CBIRD launched ‘Biodiversity Showcase: Biodiversity for Resilient Communities’ at the UBC Botanical Garden. The event brought together expert researchers, SEEDS participants, and leading practitioners at UBC, the City of Vancouver, and Metro Vancouver to discuss actions to make our communities more resilient, vibrant, and ecologically rich. Through CBIRD, academic findings may inform practical applications that are tested on campus, and are scalable and replicable in the greater community.

Looking ahead, CBIRD aims to develop an existing baseline of biodiversity on campus as well as address information gaps, demonstrate biodiversity through pilot projects, and further engage the campus community on biodiversity issues.