Faculty Engagement

Faculty Engagement

The UBC Sustainability Initiative works to engage UBC’s academic community in sustainability.

In class, in campus plans, in community development, and in partnerships both local and global, UBC strives to ensure that we leave behind a legacy of environmental and human wellbeing for generations to come.

Sustainability Learning Pathways

UBC Sustainability Initiative supports faculties and departments in creating a suite of sustainability-oriented courses and experiences so that every undergraduate student at UBC can pursue a sustainability education.

In 2015/2016, the Sustainability Learning Pathway second year grants were launched, with grants awarded to faculty members developing pathways in Applied Science, Arts (Geography), and Science (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science).


Our Sustainability Fellowships enable faculty to contribute to the discussion to advance UBC’s academic sustainability goals.

Through the fellows program, awarded six fellowships and supported regular, interdisciplinary discussions involving faculty members implementing sustainability curriculum changes in their courses and programs.

Annual Course Consultation

Consults with UBC Vancouver faculty to identify sustainability courses and to identify faculty with sustainability research interests.

In 2015/2016 we identified 647 sustainability-oriented courses across all faculties and 423 faculty members who are engaged in sustainability research. All UBC faculties now provide courses with sustainability content.