As province’s largest university, UBC is a regional destination for students, staff, faculty, student, alumni and citizens from communities across the region. UBC is focused on reducing automobile trips to and from campus by adding new infrastructure or making improvements to existing infrastructure that encourages our campus community to choose more sustainable travel modes.


  • UBC is dedicated to supporting more sustainable travel mode options. There are a number of electric vehicle charging stations at the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses. We are also exploring opportunities to provide electric charging stations for electric bikes in secure bike facilities.
  • Key card access and cameras were installed to improve security in bike cages located within parkades.
  • More bike lockers were purchased and installed on campus, which are the most popular form of secure bike parking on campus.
  • Continued work with key partners on the rapid transit connection along the Broadway corridor to UBC.
  • Ongoing implementation of the Campus Transportation Plan at the Vancouver Campus.
  • Planning at Okanagan campus for a new transit exchange, a new access road, new pedestrian/cyclist connections and a new public realm project that will restrict vehicles from passing through the heart of the campus.

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